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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2017 1:26pm-1:31pm EST

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on this valentine's day, the national archives sent out valentine's wishes to the longest married presidential couple, barbara and george h.w. bush have been married for 72 years. house speaker paul ryan tweeted thought video about the -- >> on behalf of the whole who house, i want to extend our best wishes to the bush family. george h.w. bush and barbara bush are not just national treasures, together they are part of one of the greatest love stories in our had history, more
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than seven decades running. and we're keeping them in our thoughts. >> and in washington, the husband of c-span's greta brawner caught this photo of vice president pence shopping for his valentine and former president barack obama tweeted out a happy valentine's day to michelle obama saying, almost 28 years with you, but it always feels new. i had a piece of information that bob woodward wanted. i didn't articulate that to myself, but when i look back and asked myself why i did this bad and stupid thing, i think that's what it comes down to. >> sunday night on q&a, georgetown university professor barbara feinman todd talks about working as a researcher and ghost writer for hillary clinton, carl bernstein and bob woodward. in her book "pretend i'm not here: how i worked with three
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newspaper icons, one powerful first lady, and still managed to dig myself out of the washington swamp". >> i resisted, you know, i just spoke in general terms about what it was like being in the white house, and then i told them the story about being in the room during this unusual exercise. but i told them, you can't use it, there were only these two women in the room, who were doing this, these two guests, and then there was, you know, one or two staffers, and mrs. clinton. if you use it, everybody will know that i was the source. and i was very worried about that. but i trusted him. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. in case you missed it, here are some clips of c-span's programming last week. california senator kamala harris gives her first speech from the
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senate floor. >> our country needs a secretary of education who has demonstrated basic competency when it comes to issues facing children. they just need to know what they're talking about. when questioned in the hearing by my colleague senator franken, it was clear that miss devos didn't know the difference between two basic theories of testing, proficiency and growth. >> lantos on president trump's travel ban. >> iraqi soldiers blood were mixed with the american soldiers blood on the iraqi soil. we appreciate that there was -- gave exception for the minorities. but it is unjustice and unfair to enlist iraq with the countries that considers terrorists. >> senator tim scott reflects on
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his hometown of charleston, south carolina. >> it was in my home city of charleston where the civil war began. it was in my home city of charleston where nearly 40% of all the slaves that came to america would come through charleston, south carolina. and it was the charle stonian who came up with the concept written into our constitution, three fifths of a man. >> members of congress conduct a panel on opioid abuse. >> because he's very difficult to understand why someone would keep on taking fentanyl when the mother already overdosed, it generates that brain state of equivalent to deprivation, the sense that is sending the message, if you don't eat, you're going not to survive. it is puts your brain in a state of emergency, where y


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